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Theme is Southwest harvest
Wedding is outdoors in our backyard at 2 pm MST. The average temperature in Mesa on the 12th of Nov. is 77 F. Please fee free to dress casually… ties not required. Remember to bring your dancing shoes! Bonnie and Scott will have their cowgirl and cowboy boots on.

The Reception starts after the ceremony. There will be a light meal at food stations in the yard and fluids to keep you hydrated and chairs to relax in. The pool will be open if you’ve a mind to swim. The water may be a bit chilly.
The PIE celebration will be after most have had something to eat and danced a bit.

The food will be Southwest with a Mexican flair and a bit of Mediterranean except for the PIE celebration. There is no wedding cake. There will, however, be a grand selection of pies. The Wedding Pie will be Strawberry – Rhubarb upside down. Pumpkin, apple (fresh from Akron, New York), probably a few pecan pies and other favorites will be available in abundance.


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